About Our Company

A creative agency turning ideas into beautiful things

Who is behind all this?

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What They Say?

Tammy is as dedicated and gifted at her craft as anyone can be. She takes a 360 degree view of every project she leads…from persona to marketing strategy to creative to tactical execution…she builds in consideration of all of them to create an exceedingly successful asset and approach. Brainstorming with Tammy was one of the most enjoyable moments of our working together. Always willing to help and provide constructive feedback in her charming manner, that leaves you feeling like your idea might never have been that terrible, even though you know it was. Tammy has the makings of an incredibly charismatic leader and can lead any project or team with confidence and optimism.

Tammy Tufty was an integral part of my marketing management team for well over a decade. As marketing communications director, she was instrumental in evolving her division and developing her team. She led, coached and mentored many designers, copywriters, production artists. She made managing all advertising and production work look easy. Her project management and leadership drove many successful projects and campaigns and her superb attention to detail and full project ownership made many of the campaigns award winners and portfolio worthy. She embraced social media and constantly refined her skills. I’d confidently consider her a business-centric social media guru.

Tammy was positively a people person and totally embraced the team mentality and culture. She was highly respected by her peers and thankfully adopted the unofficial “Social Chair” for the marketing team. “Team player” doesn’t even begin to describe her dedication. Honestly, she pulled me “out of the fire” on a number of occasions and was my sounding board for a variety projects and strategies. Tammy was a pleasure to work with and I consider it a privilege having her on the team.

I had the honor of working for Tammy at Europa Sports Products for over five years. She led the Communications team, successfully executing project after project, in a fast-paced environment. Tammy was a very personable and professional manager who truly cared about the people she worked with. I learned a great deal from her and grew as a designer because of her. Any company would be lucky to have Tammy on their team.

For additional recommendations, visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/tammytufty/

Why Choose Us?

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Our Skills

  • Photoshop

  • Final Cut

  • Studio Photography

  • Motion Video

Meet the Team

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